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This is Toby and my story. What's yours?

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Your Name:  Cora de With
Dog's Name:  Toby
Breed:  black Labrador
Age/Years of friendship:  7 years
Where did you get your dog from
:  don't remember their names but i'm sure they preferred to stay anonymous
Location: Heerenveen, Holland
Social Media Link:


We just felt we had room to spare to adopt another sweet dog. Maybe a friend for Pike to play with? 
Through a website we found Toby. When we met the owners I recognized they had a sweet heart and good intentions but they where in over their head with all their dogs and Toby got the worst end of the deal. They had one bowl of food to split among all 6 dogs each day and giving Toby's sweet nature he barely ate. But boy, did he make up for it later hahaha. I have never ever seen a dog eat like that! He practically inhaled his food haha. 
And because of his previous bowel infection he couldn't feel it coming when he had to do a number 2 you know. So you could be walking with him, all chill and la de da and suddenly he just...went. Embarrassing? Yes. Angry? Never. It wasn't his fault. 
And because of his earlier malnutrition he became quite food obsessed. He even tried to eat the chewing gum of the streets. One New Years Eve he just split, ran away and went on a feeding binge. We were at my moms house and she had the cutest fluffy bed for her dog. So Toby returned by himself about an hour later (we were still wandering and roaming the cold snowy streets for him) and he just laid down. Stomach blown of course. And you can almost guess it...the fluffy cute little bed had it coming. That night he emptied everything inside him on that bed. It was the most foul stench New Years morning ever. The bed was doomed and ended up in bed heaven, aka, the garbage bin.
But still...angry? No. You knew he couldn't help it and his sweet eyes and gentle heart got to you every time.
He is probably the most scruffy and smelly dog we ever had but he was worth the smell and icky because he was so sweet and so happy with us. And he loved to jump, splash and swim in the water and those great days with him at the water cleaned him right up haha.
We had him for 7 years, 2 years ago we said goodbye to our gentle friend and we still talk about him. To each other and with family. Those memories last and while I'm typing this I can't help but smile when I think about his big head on my lap, his eyes gazing so friendly in mine, and his sudden frown when he lets out another smelly fart. God, we loved that dog so much.
This is Toby and my story. What’s yours?
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