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This is Guinness, Winston, Daisy and my story. What's yours?

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My Name:  Elaine Netherton
Dog's Names:  Guinness, Winston and Daisy
Breed:  Affenpinscher, Brussels Griffon, Brussels Griffon
Gotcha Days:  Guinness on March 28, 2008 & Winston on December 27, 2008 & Daisy on January 11, 2011 
Location:  Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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Our little Guinness was our first monkey and he came to us with an abject fear of everything.  He was terrified to leave our house and should he ever encounter people, other animals or new places he would shake uncontrollably and be completely unable to function.  Luckily we found some wonderful positive reinforcement trainers who slowly helped begin to reverse some of the trauma Guinness had experienced prior to joining our family.  We worked with Guinness on a daily basis, slowly exposing him to what would eventually become happy things for him, and we then felt Guinness was ready for a companion.  

This is when we found our wonderful Winston.  His original “guardians” locked Winston in his crate, and then moved out of their apartment, abandoning him, leaving him to perish.  He was heard crying and eventually found 4-5 days later emaciated and only 7 pounds (he is now 20).  The Affenpinscher rescue saved him and he lived with a wonderful foster family in Indiana, who we are still in contact with, prior to joining our family.  Winston also carried some baggage from his previous life, but was a happy and loving boy, who immediately started helping his brother Guinness to start coming further out of his shell.  Winston was a true angel not only for us, but especially for Guinness.
Our last family member sweet little Miss Daisy, well, she just belonged with us and when we were told about her from National Brussels Griffon Rescue, we knew she would be such an important part of our little monkey family. NBGR was able to save her from being sold to a puppy mill and ensured her safety with her foster family (again who we are still in contact with) until we were lucky enough to find her.  Daisy has brought so much joy from the moment we drove her home from Ohio.  Her favourite thing in the world is to give hugs - she wraps her little paws right around your neck and just hugs and hugs.  Winston and Daisy continue to spread their love through the Burlington Humane Society’s Pet Therapy program, where they are special pup therapists visiting local senior residences and hospices delivering many kisses that result in many smiles.  The joy a dog can bring is immeasurable. 
Every single day, our lives are better because these three little monkeys are in it.  We have learned so much from them and are eternally grateful for their love.  We will always adopt, as it is impossible for us to imagine a life without the love of dogs.
The monkeys even wrote their own poem about their rescue journey:
We are three little monkeys with our stories to write
Each about our journeys from darkness to light 

Sir Winston was abandoned and left there to die
Guinness was a frightened and lonely, little guy

Our sweet sister Daisy was going to be sold
Into a horrible life of breeding until she grew old 

We are grateful to the rescue groups that gave us safe harbour
And thankful to the foster parents who bridged us even farther

Mummy drove for hours to pick us up in her car
The mileage didn’t matter, she didn’t care how far

The lives we once had may have been hard to rise above 
But our paths to today, led us to an abundance of love 

We may not know our birthdays, but that’s just chatter
Each of our Gotcha Day’s are all that really matter

With all that in mind, we love our lives today
We are happy, silly monkeys who truly love to play

We love our pup pool, our naps, walks and treats
We love when Daddy sings to us, even if he’s off beat

We love our Grandpawrents and our Aunts and Uncles too
We just love everybody, and Hound and Friends... especially you.

Mummy always says to us “I’m so glad we adopted you”
But then she thinks again and ponders… “who rescued who?"
We are Guinness, Winston and Daisy, and that’s our story…. what’s yours???
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