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This is Oliver and my story. What's yours?

Your Name:  Paola
Dog's Name:  Oliver
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age/Years of friendship:  almost 2 yrs
Where did you get your dog from
:  Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation / LA Animal Rescue Org.
Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Social Media Link:

My name is Paola, and I love dogs! I always wanted to have one, but my mom never let me, she always said that we didn’t have the space, we lived in an apartment and didn’t have a yard. I think she just didn’t like pets in general and didn’t want to deal living with a dog.
When I moved to Canada, the first thing I thought was to get a dog! I adopted my first dog Noah from a local rescue group, he quickly became the love of my life! I knew when I adopted him that he had a mild heart murmur, but I thought if I didn’t give him a home, no one would!
I had Noah for almost 3 yrs, very short time if you ask me! I was devastated when he passed. I thought I could never do it again with another dog. But soon, the emptiness, the lack of nail clicking on the floor, the silence and just not having a warm fur to snuggle with made me realize that I need another best friend.
I contacted my friend Tee from LA Animal Rescue, who I had fostered for before and already knew me, and asked if I could foster a dog. She sent me a bunch of photos, and there it was, this little pup with one ear up and one down named Wendell. I immediately told her I wanted to foster him. She told me that because they were short of fosters/space the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation had stepped up to help with the pups and my little friend was staying with them. So after we talked we arranged his journey to Canada!
I talked to my friend Carmela who I had foster for before as well, and she has a rescue here in BC called “I helped Save”, and often brings dogs from California, if she could arranged the transport. The wonderful volunteers  from “Gettin' em Home Transport Corp” form a chain from LA to Blaine, WA to help bring Wendell to me. I have to say these people were absolutely wonderful! They sent me messages and photos all along the way, so I knew exactly where they were and how was Wendell doing!
June 26th 2016 couldn’t get fast enough! I went across the border to meet one of the volunteers at Blaine, WA. When I saw him, I thought he was so small! and boy! He was even cuter in person! My sister Claudia had come with me to meet the little guy and she was so excited as well!
He was so scared and anxious when we met. No wonder, after a 3 day trip with all these different people and homes had been very overwhelming for him. But somehow when I got him in my arms, he knew he was finally home.
Wendell was scared of EVERYTHING when he first arrived, the floor, the stairs, the kitchen, the outside…  It took him months to get used to his new home and people. I had to carry him up and down the stairs all the time, I had to hand feed him, I had to carry him outside to do his business. It was hard work! 
I noticed that it was hard to call his attention too, he didn't respond to Wendell at all, so we decided to change his name. We went through a lot of names but Oliver just seemed to stick with him, and interesting enough he would always come when called! So, after a few months, and a LOT of treats, he finally took his first steps up the stairs! I thought to myself, I should make this official, after all this work, I can’t give this dog to anyone, he’s mine! He was mine since that day I saw his photo for the first time, I just didn't know it yet.
Even though Oliver came with some issues, he made me feel needed again, like there was this little heart beat that was totally dependent of me. He showed me that I can love another dog with the same intensity but different at the same time. He make my life happy again. And ever since then, he has taught me to be more patient, not everything had to be rushed, I have to take my time to enjoy things in life, just the same as he took his time to feel safe and comfortable in his home!
Oh! and by the way my mom, fell completely in love with both Noah and Oliver.
We definitely saved each other and we are so happy together!
This is Oliver’s and my story, what’s yours?

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