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This is Odie and my story. What's yours?

Name:  Anja Biesma
Dog’s Name:  Odie
Breed:  He is a mix of miniature pinscher and jackrussel
Age/Years of friendship:  With me since June 2007 so almost 10 year
Where did you get your dog from: 

  • I got him from a lady who rescued all kind of animals in Oosterwolde Friesland

  • She had two dogs and they got puppies and one of those puppies was Odie

  • Odie came to us being housetrained already and totally comfortable of being in a bench

  • I think he was about 9 weeks old!

Location:  Heerenveen, Netherlands
Social Media:


Hello!  My name is Anja and I am from Holland. In 2007 it was time to have another little companion in my life. I had lost both of my dogs in 1 month so it took me about ten years before I was ready for another dog again. Odie was born the sixth of April 2007 and came in my life early in June of that year. It was love at first sight! I loved him as much as he loved me. What ever happened in my life he was there in bad and good times. Being happy together or sad together. In 2013 I became very ill and at last I couldn’t move anymore. He was lying next to me on the couch keeping me company every minute of the day while I was almost every minute by myself. He was the reason I finally looked for help ending up in the hospital. If he had not been there I had given up but he depended on me and me on him. I could not leave him alone. I pulled through and here we are. Still together, both healthy and still very much in love with each other.


This is Odie’s and my story. What’s yours?


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