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This is Hayden and my story. What's yours?

Name:  Bárbara Yáñez
Dog’s Name:  Hayden
Breed:  Yorkshire terrier
Age/Years of friendship:  13 years
Where did you get your dog from:  unknown
Location:  Santiago, Chile
Social Media:

Hi, I am a 13 years old yorkie, some  people can say I am grumpy and I guess they are right.  I am my mom’s first dog.  13 years ago she lived completely alone, single, no kids, with a boring job from Monday to Friday (not much have changed J I have to say).  She definitely needed something in her life, she had thought about having a dog but since she loved travelling she thought it could be complicated.  At that time, all her friends said “go get a dog, we’ll take care of him when you travel”, she believed it and that’s when she got rescued by yours truly.  Adopting this human wasn’t easy, she had some problems to understand I was the alpha at home, she complained cause I messed the apartment, what did she expect? I was just two months old when I came to her apartment, she must have worn diapers until she was 1, … Anyway, it took us some time to get used to live together, she was slow and kept forgetting the bed and the sofa were mine, I had to insist I needed my walks at least twice a day  during the week and three times a day the weekends, but soon I managed to get her life in the right direction, now it was filled with the best company, she arrived home and I acted like her biggest fan, she never again slept alone (only when I allowed her to have a few trips for a couple of days) and she keeps waking up with the most handsome male in this world.  So buddies, if you are thinking about adopting a human and are not very sure…well let me tell you it’s worthy, it’s not easy but it’s worthy, they need us , we have so many things to teach them, they don’t know what unconditional love is until we come to their lives, can you believe that?, they need a routine, to get out of home even when they are sad or tired, and we are always there to keep them moving.  Some of them can cook really well (of course that’s not my case) but I know some other dogs who had been luckier than me on that aspect.  I know her life would be gray, boring, senseless without me, I have heard her say to her friends more than once that as long as she has me in her life she knows everything is going to be alright.  

This is my mom’s and my story, what’s yours?, what? What do you mean that you had to tell this story about me… of course not! I rescued you, I changed your life, I am the hero of this story, I had to tell it in first person.


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