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This is Jade, Mikey, Oreo and my story. What’s yours?

Name:  Darleen
Dog's Name:  Jade, Mikey, Oreos
Breed:  American Staffy, Staffordshire Terrier, Weimaraner mix
Where did you get your dog from:  Burbank Animal Shelter, North Central Animal Shelter, Ramone Humanity Society
Location:  Orange County, CA
Social Media Link:

Jade was adopted from Burbank Animal Shelter and she was previously returned by someone who adopted her previously. Her shelter name was “BAS,” which was a name that stood for Burbank animal shelter. I wanted to be sure to give her a name that would represent strength, good luck, and a protector. We adopted her when she was about 2 ½ months old, and she is my first girl we ever adopted. She is an American staffy, standard poodle, and Rhodesian ridgeback mix. Some background info that we received about her was that her and her littermates were found in a tv box under the 5 fwy and were fostered until they were ready to be adopted. All her little mates were adopted but she was the last one. She was the runt, and all her litter mates are black with white markings as well. That did not stop her from growing to be 95 lbs. now. Her daddy went every day to the Burbank Animal Shelter because he was interested in another dog that was on raffle but he was also interested in her if we were unable to get that dog. We thankfully pulled out of the raffle because we wanted to be sure that we were going to rescue a dog that day. I am so thankful we did because she was absolutely perfect. She was a smart, quiet, and adorable puppy and loves children as well as her fur siblings. She is an awesome big sister to Mikey (who passed away at 3 months old from distemper, another rescue pup from North Central LA shelter) and Oreo, her little sister (not biological) that is also a rescue from Ramona Humane Society. She gets along with all dogs no matter what size they are and enjoys exploring new places. I prayed for a dog after my first dog died that would be absolutely perfect, meaning a dog that would get along well with others, was loving, loved children, went to places with me, enjoyed hiking/running/playing, and would be an excellent protector. Her favorite thing to do is swimming at the dog beach and running after toys that are thrown in the water. I was blessed with finding her and I’d like to think that my first dog, Puppy, helped bring her to me. She turned 4 years old this year.

After adopting Jade, we decided to adopt another fur baby. We adopted Mikey, a 2 month old little black with white markings Staffordshire terrier from North Central Animal Shelter. He was so beautiful with big grey eyes. When we adopted him, the shelter told us he was sick with a little cold and I found it to be no big deal since I have had experience taking care of a sick dog. He was a mama’s boy immediately and was so sweet and affectionate. He LOVED to eat and would steal food from his big sister’s bowl. He progressively kept getting sick and we went to the vet weekly. He had worms, respiratory infections, and was an overall sick puppy. He eventually was diagnosed with distemper which was devastating. As the virus took over, it led to his brain and we knew it was fatal. We eventually had to make the tough decision of putting him down at such a young age. He never was able to run on grass or grow up to be an adult but every moment was worth it with him. We took him everywhere, he was still small enough to carry in a purse and EVERYBODY loved him. Young children would stop us to pet him and ask if Jade was his mommy. Grown men even stopped to say he was a cute dog. He was precious and we did everything we could for him even though we had him for a short while, he was put down at around 3 months, and he was also a blessing to have in our lives.

After the devastating loss of our little boy Mikey, Oreo came a few days later. Her daddy surprised me with her. I felt like I wasn’t ready for another dog but felt like I am at least able to provide a home and love to another. Jade was also sad and depressed. I could feel sadness from her, she knew he died and was present when he had to be put down. Dogs cry too, and when he was put down she was crying in the room at the vets. I could tell she wanted a friend/sibling/playmate and Jade immediately connected to Oreo. Her daddy went to the Ramona Humane Society to adopt her. She was also adorable, black with white markings, and with a spotted nose that looked like there was a heart on it. Her daddy said that when he was there, she was the only puppy that went up to him as he was looking at the puppies in the kennel. He made the decision to pick her. Apparently she had ticks all over her and the humane society had to remove them all before giving her to him. She reminded me of my little Mikey as well. She’s a Staffordshire, American Staffy, Weimaraner mix who’s favorite thing to do is EAT. She seemed to be a healthy puppy with a lot of energy but stubborn as well but shortly after, we received devastating news again after constantly taking her to the vet due to illness. She had Parvo which is deadly for young puppies. I thought we would lose her too and could not bare to go through that again. Thankfully with the help of her awesome veterinarian and his staff, she pulled through and is still with us. She brought life and happiness into our lives again. She LOVES EVERYONE, and literally goes to say HI to everybody at the dog park, dog beach before returning to her mom and dad. She is extremely loving and affectionate even to her big sister which is a god send as well. Besides eating, her favorite thing to do is sprinting around doing zoomies, and stealing tennis balls from Jade. She also loves wearing outfits like dresses and sweaters that give her attention since she LOVES all the attention she gets. She is turning 3 years old this year.

Besides loss and hardship, my dogs have brought nothing but love and blessings. I wouldn’t change anything that has happened. I know that I want to keep rescuing/adopting dogs from shelters and rescues for the rest of my life and I have an undying love for dogs that are considered Pitbulls/staffies/bullies regardless of awful stereotypes. From my experience, they are the most loving dogs I have ever come across.

This is Jade, Mikey, Oreo and my story. What’s yours?


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