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This is Chip’s and my story. What’s yours?

Hound and Friends - dog love story by Cindy and Chip


Your Name:  Cindy L.
Dog's Name:  Chip
Breed:  Chug aka Chihuahua/pug mix
Age/Years of friendship:  almost 3 yrs
Where did you get your dog from
:  Adopt & Shop in Lakewood, CA
Location:  Anaheim, CA
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For a couple years, my boyfriend and I had been talking about getting a dog and the types of breeds we wanted. We only had one rule – NO CHIHUAHUAS. The joke was on us, lol! During Christmas of 2017, we were shopping at Costco in Lakewood and he asked me if I wanted to look at the pets at Adopt & Shop. We were going through a rough year and Chhean had recently been injured at work putting him out for a couple months. I thought, why not? What’s the harm in looking, right?

I really liked Rottweilers especially for their markings. I remember walking into Adopt & Shop and Chip (formerly known as Mr. Potter) was the first dog I saw and the only dog I was fixated on. I was IN LOVE with him. He was neutered the day before so he was hurt and scared. I don’t know what came over me but I knew I had to have him. He needed us and we needed him. Three hours later, he was ours but we had no idea what we were in for. Chip has separation anxiety which made it difficult for us to leave him alone. He destroyed our apartment and his crates. As first time dog owners, it was tough but we loved him so much so we did a bunch of research to try and understand why he was like this and what we can do to help. I contacted the first shelter he was at and asked about his background when we adopted him. We were told different things – even his birthdate was different on every document! At that point, we could only assume that he’s been through a lot and the best thing we could do is love him – every stinkin’ part of him.

A little over a year and one apartment move later, he’s livelier and happier than the first day we brought him home. Although he still has separation anxiety, he’s learned to trust us and know that this is his furever home. I never thought I could love an animal so much until Chip came into our life. He’s basically our child!

Chip – you are the love of our life. Thank you for teaching us patience – lots of it. You’ve added so much joy into our life and given us more reason to want to come home everyday. We love you so much!
This is Chip’s and my story, what’s yours?

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