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This is Trixie’s and my story. What’s yours?

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A dog love story from Trixie @ccarvin | Hound and Friends


Your Name:  Celeste Arvin
Dog's Name:  Trixie
Breed:  Unknown, was put down as long hair dachshund
Age/Years of friendship:  5 years old with 2 years of friendship
Location:  Sacramento, CA
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Trixie came into my life exactly one year to the day after the passing of my soul dog Charlie (you can read his story on here as well). It took me a year to think about adding a dog to my life again as losing Charlie was so painful, it was difficult to think of "replacing him" with a new dog. But the house was empty and I missed having that love and companionship the right dog can bring to your life. I started to search online at rescues for a small/med dog and was being very picky in terms of what I was looking for, maybe still felt guilty and not ready for one. I setup a meeting with a pug mix for the upcoming weekend as I've always wanted a pug but considered them walking vet bills. This one was a Chug (chihuahua pug mix), but he seemed to have some issues that were a bit concerning from the foster mom, but I thought I would give him a meet. So I was still looking online for other dogs just in case and came across Trixie on my vet's FB page. I never unfriended them after losing Charlie as I knew I would adopt another one someday.

She was a big, ball of fluff with a smile on her face and was literally five minutes away from my work, so my co-worker talked me into at least stopping by after work to meet her even though I had a playdate with the pug mix in a couple days. I went to the vet that I hadn't been to since picking up Charlie's ashes. They put me in their room and brought in a wiggling, loving, ball of fluff. She immediately came to me and rolled over for a belly rub. She was the perfect size (20lbs) and so lovable. She was super friendly and even played with the cat they were fostering as well. I stayed playing with her for about 20 mins and left saying I'll give her some serious thought.

Well the next day telling my coworker about her and how much she seemed like a good fit. I wanted a friendly small dog that got along with other dogs and people, but not super needy. I called asking if they could hold her for me until I met with the pug mix the next day and they weren't sure they could do that, so instead I decided to take a chance and go adopt her at lunchtime, before someone else would come along and get her. I picked her up after work and realized it was exactly one year to the day and hour that I had to bring in my Charlie boy there to be put to sleep due to terminal health issues. I felt in a way he was pushing her towards me and took it as a sign she was meant to be mine.

Her backstory as I found out from the vet was she was turned in with a French Bulldog (my vet does Bulldog rescue) as their owner had to go to a senior facility that didn't allow dogs and no family members took them in. I felt bad that she was separated from her brother, but he was older and had other health issues and already adopted out. Trixie fit in at home right away. She ran in the yard smelling her new surroundings and rolled over for many belly rubs. I think she lived in an apartment before as she wasn't sure what to make about having a yard or grass. And she would sit for hours in the front room window watching people go by. I found she sleeps in the bed, actually on the pillow next to me the first night. Also found out she has spay incontinence after a month of having her, but we finally found the right medication to control it. She is so friendly I took her to obedience school so she could learn to say hello to other dogs without getting in their face so much, as she just wants to make friends with every dog she met. She loves to go on walks and greet other people and dogs. LOVES car rides and makes a great travel buddy to the beach, lake or river as she seems to enjoy walking into water (not so much of a swimmer). She is truly the perfect dog as she isn't needy, but will give and take as much love as you want to give. She cuddles in the morning with me and then likes to play bite the sheet before her morning duties. She has taken over Charlie's spot at the front window on neighborhood watch. She isn't a lap dog but will cuddle if forced on the couch. She makes friends everywhere we go as she is short and fluffy and so happy. Everyone always asks what breed she is and I just say Trixie breed. The vet said her mom was a long haired dachshund, but she also has something that causes all her fluff - maybe mini Aussie and some have said Corgi.. Might try one of those dog DNA test to see what they say. Even though losing Charlie was the hardest thing to do in my life, having Trixie in my life has healed my heart and given me such joy and love in return. Anyone thinking of adding a dog to their life should do it, but take the time to find the right one as they will come along when needed. Trixie definitely came along at the right time and added so much to my life.
This is Trixie’s and my story, what’s yours?

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