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This is Pixie, Chelsea and my story. What's yours?

Your Name:  Carla
Dog's Names:  Pixie and Chelsea
Breed:  Portuguese Podengo Small
Age/Years of friendship:  10 years and 9 years old
Where did you get your dog from:  Paulo my boyfriend gave them to me
Location:  London, United Kingdom
Social Media Link:
I was so shocked when the doctor told me I had depression but it made sense with all the symptoms I was having, it was just hard to admit because I  hate being ill… My boyfriend gave me Pixie as a birthday present, I was so happy, I had something else to focus my mind with, I had the responsibility to take care of my dog and every little thing she did was so funny. She saved me from ‘drowning’ and I am so thankful how a little dog can make such a difference in our lives. A year later we went to get Chelsea to keep Pixie company and it made our family complete. Chelsea is so chilled and playful that she made us smile all the time. It’s a blessing having them. The best thing is arriving home from work stressed and tired and be greeted at the door by them (impossible not to smile and forget about the day).
Chelsea was a hard to sell dog because of her eye defect (different coloring) she was one of those puppies that would be left there until god knows when, so Paulo got her with a discount + sale price + promotion… only just because the seller didn’t want to give her for free. But she would be worth any money in the world because she’s awesome and together Pixie and Chelsea are a dream team.


This is Pixie, Chelsea and my story. What's yours?


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