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This is Pixel and my story. What's yours?

Name:  Claudia
Dog's Name:  Pixel 
Breed:  Pomeranian
Age/Years of friendship:  4 years
Where did you get your dog from:  Homeward Bound 
Location:  Michigan, USA
Social Media Link:


Pixel was rescued from an Amish Puppy Mill Farm, by ‘Homeward Bound’. I was fortunate enough to get her shortly thereafter. 

As a family, we have always rescued our pets. I had two adult Pomeranian rescues prior to Pixel. After they had passed, I did not think I would not get another dog. Each loss shredded my heart. I did have a stronger connection with one of the two. Likely, because he was my first my first dog as an adult, and my first small lap dog. I considered him my “soul mate dog”. Four years after the last one passed, I started searching “Pomeranians” on ‘PetFinder’. I still did not intend to get another. I was so surprised when I came across the most adorable black Pomeranian puppy! My first pom was black, maybe that is what tugged my heart strings. But, I still thought to myself “I can’t do it’. I knew with her being a puppy, she would adopted quickly. I closed the page, and I looked again a day later. I thought the same thing again; “I can’t”, and tried to forget. A few days after my first search, I was running errands, and she was all I could think about. I decided if she was still available when I returned home, I would submit an application. She was, so I applied! I was told there where hundreds of applications for her, and I was the one chosen! I couldn’t believe it! 

This organization does an in-depth screening, and unannounced home visits to make sure their adoptees go to good homes. On my initial visit to meet Pixel at a ‘PetSmart’ event, I cried as I got close to pick her up! I knew, this was the start of something really incredible. She absolutely stole my heart. It was an instant bond. Four years later, she still thinks I am her mama, and she is now my “soul mate doggie”. I never thought that kind of “soul dog” bond would be possible, after the first. 

I truly believe any dog can make us feel this, if we open our hearts to the unconditional love they have to give. Pixel does have some health issues. Some may give up a pet with health issues. But, I find it would be like giving up on a family member. We don’t discard humans, and there is no guarantees for any of us living beings. What Pixel gives back to me is much greater than any hurdle. One would not know she has issues by watching her. She is does very well with the attention and treatments for her ailments. I am incredibly lucky that I was chosen to adopt Pixel. She fills my heart with joy every single day, cuddles whenever I want them, and she is quite the comedian. Pixel truly is a godsend, and a gift every day.

Recently, Pixel stayed by my side during a medical emergency, when she could have run off. I always keep her leashed on our walks, and during the emergency, I dropped it. I was told she just kept circling me! She is very instinctive. She has even woken from a sleep, to lick a tear from my face. Dogs go beyond being a best friend, because they never change their need for you. They need you, as much as you need them. And they enrich our lives so much. The reward is immensely gratifying. 

There are so many myths about adoption. Any pet can have health issues. The adoption fees are significantly less for an adopted pet, than from one from a breeder. Adoption fees usually includes all vaccinations, chipping, sometimes prior surgeries of the rescued, and needed medications, for such a nominal fee. Whether puppy, adult, or senior, the love is equal and unconditional. 

Why would we not want this kind of unconditional love, loyalty, healing power, laughter… a daily gift, a reason, a purpose.


This is Pixel and my story. What’s yours?

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