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This is Chibi and my story. What's yours?

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Your Name:  Lance Miyamoto
Dog's Name:  Chibi
Breed:  Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Age/Years of friendship:  11 years
Where did you get your dog from:  from Lisa Miyamoto (sister)
Location:  Mission Viejo, CA

I just kissed my dog on his head and he howled with joy.  And he’s not even a howler.  So here I am, smiling, as I begin to write what he’s meant to me.
My dog, Chibi, is an 11-year old pembroke welsh corgi--the type of dog known for its fox-like head, stubby legs, and knob tail.  I first saw him after coming home from college in 2006.  He was a tiny puppy who barked like a mouse.  His short legs stopped him from climbing over anything, including my legs as I extended them across the width of the hall.
But that was then.  Now, with a little more size and a louder voice, he’s matured to be a dog who colored my life in ways I wouldn’t have expected.
There was a time when I was bedridden for over 3 years.  Even as I isolated myself from the world, stuck in a cycle of depression, Chibi was there to comfort me.  He didn’t ask for attention; he gave it.  He would sleep beside my bed, occasionally poking my arm or leg to ensure I was okay.  And it’s these small gestures he expressed that often reminded me what it is to be loved.
Chibi has also taken me to parks and trails that I wouldn’t have otherwise explored on my own.  He’s walked me more than I’ve walked him.  When I felt too lazy and tired, he’d nudge me off my chair and remind me how beneficial a brisk walk could be.
The other day Chibi was sunbathing in the backyard, looking into the cloudless sky as he panted from the heat.  I saw a glimpse of his smile.  In that moment, I was reminded to live in the present.  He had no worries about the past or the future.  He simply enjoyed the beautiful day.  And so did I.
This is Chibi and my story.  What’s yours?


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